Panorama of Hochgern

It walks whether on high gladly and the surrounding mountains or in the valley remains leisurely for you left.

Panorama of Rechenberg
Winter-walks, long running or alpine ski driving at the own house elevator or in the nearby skiing areas rides in the Winkl/Steinplatte or Hochkössen

Hochgern in the winter

Sport and indoor swimming pool Unterwössen

In just 5 minutes away is the idyllic lake Woessner. Of course swimming is free of charge here.

Wössner lake
Ache / smuggler away

Sail airfield DASSU Unterwössen

Make a beautiful Radtour, like e.g. on the oh valley
wheel round way.

In Unterwösen and environment there is also a large number of interesting Mountain Bike routes
Segelflugplatz DASSU Unterwössen
As one of the first paraglider schools of Germany the South German paraglider school trains air-minded ones as paraglider pilots.
Segelflugplatz DASSU Unterwössen
Deutsche Alpen-Segelflugschule Unterwössen
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